Younique Wedding Makeup Tips and Tricks

younique wedding makeup Your wedding day and wedding makeup is very important to you. So be conscientious about applying Younique makeup properly and following all the steps which I am sharing with you.younique wedding makeup AND….. Don’t forget about your Maid of Honor and BridesMaids!  Younique Makeup is a great gift to give to them.  After all, you want them to look Younique on your special day as well 😉 Many of us love getting prepared for a wedding at home.  More than a few of us wonder as to what comes first, eye makeup or foundation, eyeliner or mascara? Just how to keep it all together? Here, we will explain how to get the flawless look of Younique Wedding Makeup in easy-to-follow stages. First: Cleanse your face thoroughly with either Younique Illuminate Clean OR Illuminate Clear Facial Cleanser. Then moisturize with Younique Divine Daily Moisturizer. This next step younique wedding makeupis very important for you to be able achieve a flawless finish.  Apply Younique Glorious Face and Eye Primer to your entire face, including your lips.  Give this a couple of minutes to dry. Also, younique makeup brushesmake sure that you use high quality brushes, like Younique Wedding Makeup Brushes.  Now you are ready to apply your Younique Wedding Makeup! Stage 1:  Foundation: Choose your favorite Younique Foundation.  Younique has 3 types and numerous shades to fit your style.  Available in a Powder Compact, Cream Compact, and a Liquid. Stage 2:  Eyeshadow: younique wedding makeup Dust a light-medium color on your eyelids.  Then, work the darkest tone into your top and bottom lash lines, outer corners, and creases. To blend, use the Younique Shadow Brush with a long, domed head, sweep it back and forth like a windshield wiper to blur lines. Stage 3:  Eyeliner:younique wedding makeup Apply  Younique  Eyeliner in black, brown, blue or green color in the waterline and then line the upper lashline with black Younique Eyeliner.  You can also use white along your waterline for eyes that pop! Stage 4:   Curl Lashes: An eyelash curler is the supreme makeup product! Using a curler can give your eyes that “wow” look.  Try heating your curler with a blow dryer first to make your lashes curly easier.younique wedding makeup Stage 5:  Mascara:younique wedding makeup Apply Younique Transplanting Gel from the origins of the lashes and wobble the stick in a zig-zagyounique wedding makeup tips and tricks wave till the tip. This will pleasantly coat the lashes exclusively. Follow with Younique Fibers. Let sit for 30 seconds and apply another coat of Gel to set the fibers in place.  Repeat until you have your desired Younique look.younique wedding makeup Stage 6:  Blush, Contour & Highlight: Apply Younique BB Cream in a darker shade in the hollows of your cheeks, sides of your nose, jawline, and top of forehead.  Apply a light shade of BB cream as shown in the picture and blend, blend, blend! Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks upwards, towards the hairline. Use a big feathery brush to mix the blush on the cheeks. Use a lighter shade above your cheekbones and a darker shade in the hollows of your cheeks.   Stage 7:  Lip Stick: Choose a shade of lip liner that is just a shade lighter than your natural lips and outline your lips (for a fuller lip look, go just outside your natural lipline).  Then apply lipstick.  Place a tissue over your lips and dust with powder to set the lipstick in place.  Apply lip gloss if desired.

younique wedding makeup Stage 8:  Smile At this time, you’ve followed on all of the steps above.  Walk with self confidence & don’t forget that billion dollar smile!

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Younique Wedding Makeup

Wedding Day Hair Styles

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Wedding Day Nails

Wedding Bouquets

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Wedding Dresses

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