Younique Mascara Reviews

younique mascara reviews

younique mascara

Imagine my surprise when my mail lady showed up with the Younique package in the mail.  Why was I surprised?  After all, I knew I had ordered it.  I was surprised because it had arrived SO FAST!!!  It was like Christmas morning for me.  I quickly opened my package and headed straight to the bathroom mirror!

I was so skeptical.  I’d seen all the before and after pics but honestly, I had tried every mascara out there hoping for unrealistic results and never getting them.  But then………

Holy cow!  I finally found it!  I finally found THE mascara that does what it says it will and then some!!!!!

No wonder this stuff sells like hotcakes in so many countries!!!

Not only was the mascara super amazing, making my eyelashes look absolutely fake when I barely have any at all, but the eyeshadows and the lipsticks are to die for.  They glide on smoothly and look professional.

After experimenting some with the Mascara, I have found that it works really well for me with or without regular mascara first.  I think I prefer a couple of coats of the gel first though, and then the fibers.  Always follow with another coat of gel after you let the fibers set for about 30 seconds so they don’t come back off on your wand.

When I added a 2nd coat of the fibers, HOLY SMOKES!!!  Those puppies were slapping up against my glasses when I put them back on!

What’s more, is the more you use this product your own natural lashes become healthier, longer, and thicker!  I highly recommend these natural and animal cruelty free products.

No more glue, no more false lashes, no more extensions, no more hassle!

I will NEVER use a different mascara in my life.  Everyone on my Christmas shopping list will be getting a set too.