Younique Makeup Reviews

younique makeup reviews

Jackie B says:  So I had a lot of requests for this one. The time has come for me to share my review on a skin care line called Younique. This system is one of the few cosmetic products that uses primarily social media for marketing and selling. I saw the photos all over Facebook that was promoting this end all, be all mascara; promising to give you 400% increase on your lashes. Shenanigans, right? Wrong! It really does!!!

I’m one of those “BUY ALL THE THINGS!” people when it comes to make up. I love it and would wear it anywhere and anytime. I even wear it to the gym. Because I can. With Younique that is. Let me start by saying as a 25 year old mother of a 1 year old and a borderline newlywed of 2 years, I used to have great skin in high school. Odd, right? Then in college, for some reason I started to break out and get pimples and my skin became more and more sensitive. I could only wear certain types of makeup that wouldn’t make it worse. I have combination skin. That means that my T zone is oily while the rest of my face is dry. This makes it even harder to find skin care products that work. I’ve got to moisturize here, and use a toner there.

The foundation has to be for combination skin specifically and MUST be non-comedogenic (meaning it is designed so it won’t clog your pores). So, on the 8th day, God created Younique and saw that it was good. No joke. I did my research on this one. I read every page on the website. The ingredients, the reviews, the tutorials, and then I googled the reviews, I looked at it all. I’m skeptical of reading reviews on an actual product page, so I do my own searching to see what people are actually posting about the product. I couldn’t find anything bad about Younique.

It took me a while to browse the website. I wanted to know, “Why Younique?” What makes it so much better? Younique “thoroughly researches every single ingredient, and then educates you on what it does and why it’s there”. This is a high quality makeup. You won’t find it at your local Dept. Store . What I love is that each ingredient is not only listed, but defined. This is just a better makeup all around. After using it, I could tell a difference in the quality of the makeup. Even the packaging is designed in a way that gives it a regal effect. This stuff is legit. I have switched my entire makeup line over to all Younique products. I purchased the Perfect Start kit. It came with 2 foundations, a blush or concealer (I chose blush) 2 moodstruck pigments (eye shadow) a lipgloss, and 3D fiber mascara.

Younique Makeup Reviews

I’ll start with the foundation in my kit. You could choose between pressed or cream and I chose cream. This foundation went on so smoothly. It was creamy, light and was silky to the touch. You could adjust the coverage. Unlike liquid foundation it seems like you only have one option: thick. With the cream, you could do a light coverage and go from there. It gives a very even and smooth appearance while still being light. It doesn’t look like I’m wearing your typical foundation, you know that look a girl has when you’re like, oh, she’s wearing a lot of makeup. Cue a picture of Tammy Faye Bakker. This looks natural. It feels natural. Best of all, my face doesn’t feel oily at the end of the day. I used to leave work not waiting to get home to wash my face and get another shower because I just felt oily and dirty. This isn’t like that. I almost forgot to take it off at the end of the night. Photoshop? Filters? No thanks, I’ve got Younique. People now stare at my complexion and one coworker even said I just looks like a porcelain doll.

Now, I ALWAYS wear blush. No matter what. I am pretty pale (very pale, actually) so I need a little color on my face. The color of blush I chose was Stunning. It’s a very bright pink and a little goes a long way. Seriously. It’s a loose powder like most of their mineral products so you just need to shake a little in the lid, tap the brush to knock off any excess and apply lightly. It’s a gorgeous color and the 5.15 grams will probably last me for a year if not more.

The Moodstruck Pigments (aka eye shadow) are pretty awesome too. They are a loose powder that you should apply with a brush not a foam applicator. (Younique also has a line of brushes) but I already had a set so I used my own. For my kit I chose Daring, which is a dark caramel kind of brown with a little hint of a flex or shimmer. The other color was Curious. It’s an incandescent sheen. I apply the brown to the crease and the sheen to the upper brow. My traditional neutral look that goes with everything. You can apply their rose water for a cream eye shadow or use it as a liner. I topped it all off with their super silky, not sticky or heavy lip gloss. I love that part!

Now the mascara. Oh, the mascara! I naturally have long eyelashes and I have NEVER seen anything work like this before. I used to wear L’Oreal Double Extend, where you apply the white coat that extends the lash and then cover and seal with the black coat. Man did I think I was living it up. I was so wrong when Younique’s 3D Fiber Mascara came into my life; it put that mediocre L’Oreal ish to shame. First of all, I really didn’t know how it worked. I thought it was normal mascara. It requires two tubes. One is the transplanting gel, the other is the fibers. While doing one eye at a time, you apply a thin coat of your normal mascara; I use my go to Rimmel, and let it dry. Apply a coat of the transplanting gel, and while wet, apply the dry fibers to the outer and edge of your lashes. It’s kind of like a loose felt, that’s the only way I know to describe it. It looks like you have feathers on the ends of your lashes. I had a WTH is this moment. Then I continued to read the directions. Apply another coat of the gel to the fibers and it magically turns into lashes and you’re rocking some Katy Perry lashes. No freaking joke. I could do a review on the mascara alone. You can even apply more layers for a rock star look. I will never ever ever need to use fake lashes again. This is an all in one mascara. You can go from doe eyes to glam in just a few coats. While it does take a few minutes longer it is so so worth it. The mascara alone has my vote.  The only advice I have is to not pull both brushes out of the tubes at the same time. The tubes are not marked, just the lid, and they are both black tubes, so I accidentally put the gel brush in the dry fibers tube and had a mini panic attack. But it was all good. Now I just unscrew the lids so they are ready to go, because you have to apply the fibers while the gel is still wet. I have even added a photo at the bottom to show how they rock out. Three different days, same amazing results. The mascara is $29.00 for a 3 month supply if used every day. Stop what you’re doing and go get it right now.

Younique has a whole line of skincare products from face wash to BB cream, and primer. Everything to give you the best runway look possible. Check them out.

Younique Makeup Reviews

Pros: younique makeup reviews

Non-Cruelty (does not test on animals)

Ingredients listed and defined for EACH product and ingredient

Silky, smooth, even application,

Light weight, doesn’t cake


Doesn’t feel oily

Money back guarantee (Amazing right?)

2 day priority shipping

No-in home parties needed


Mascara tubes aren’t labeled (only the lid) so avoid user error and pay attention to which tube you’re returning your brush too.

Stars: 5/5

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Younique Makeup Reviews