Younique Moodstruck Addiction SHADOW PALETTES

The Younique Moodstruck Addiction SHADOW PALETTES are Awesome!!!!younique moodstruck addiction shadow palettes

Younique Eyeshadow Palette’s ~ Which oneyounique moodstruck addiction shadow palettes will you choose?

Why not all 5?


younique eye shadow palette
younique eye shadow palette
younique eye shadow palette
younique eye shadow palette
younique eye shadow palette

Take it from serene to extreme! Each palette boasts seven crease-resistant, fade-resistant, long wearing,  buildable colors that let you crank up the intensity with just a drop of water. I absolutely love these and I’m sure you will too!

Pearly grays, emerging blues, flushed pinks and intense chrome shades. Younique Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palettes are inspired by the desert sky. You will be addicted to each of the three available palette options, with each boasting seven expertly coordinated shades with ultra-smooth matte, pearl and high shimmer finishes! State-of-the-art matte finishes provide blendable and buildable payoff with a creamy smooth texture that’s perfect for shading. The velvety pearls’ intense colors have a versatile finish that can be applied dry for a highlight or shading or wet to outline or contour the eye. For long-lasting wear, blend with the brand’s property Refreshed Pure & Natural Rose Water for long-lasting wear! Metallic shimmer finishes marry the color purity of a cream with the shading and layering qualities of a solid eye shadow for color that applies like a powder and melts into a metallic luster.

Get yours before they sell out again!

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How to Apply Younique Shadow

  1. Use the Angled Shadow/Sponge Brush to create your own personal look for any occasion
  2. Apply dry for an adjustable color coverage, or wet to unleash high-density color brightness
  3. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and textures

Tell me more about Younique Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palettes …

Three deluxe shadow palettes each harmoniously hold seven captivating shadows:

Younique Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palettes are: gluten free, soy free, fragrance free, Paraben free, Latex free, Sulfate free, PABA free, and BPA free

• Not tested on animals • The captivating packaging has a smooth magnetic closure  

• Shadow Palette One: Elated – Matte Nude, Sincere – Metallic Beige, Brassy – Shimmer Golden Copper, Chipper – Matte Milk Chocolate, Swanky – Shimmery Antique Gold, Forthright – Matte Dark Chocolate, Zealous – Metallic Brown

younique moodstruck addiction shadow palettes

younique eyeshadow

• Shadow Palette Two: Hopeless – Matte Cool Gray, Romantic – Metallic Lavender, Honorable – Matte Cool Taupe, Blissful – Shimmery Golden Peach, Cocky – Matte Deep Brown, Perplexed – Metallic Charcoal Gray, Peppy – Matte Pure Black

younique moodstruck addiction shadow palettes

younique eyeshadow

• Shadow Palette Three: Tickled – Matte Rose Pink, Ecstatic – Shimmery Rose Gold, Determined – Matte Light Taupe, Smitten – Metallic Pale Silver, Flippant – Metallic Dark Lavender, Cheeky – Shimmery Purple, Irate – Matte Pure Black

younique moodstruck addiction shadow palettes

younique eyeshadow
younique eyeshadow palette
Formulated with:
  •  3D Matte Texture Creamy, smooth, long-wearing, excellent for shading
  •  Silky-Smooth Pearl Texture Applies dry for shading, or wet to outline and contour the eye
  •  Metallic Shimmer Texture Applies like a powder and melts to an extreme metallic luster; applies dry for an adjustable color coverage or wet for high density color brightness
Formulated without:
  • Gluten
  • Soy
  • Parabens
  • Latex
  • PABA
  • BPA
  • Nano particles

Younique Moodstruck Addiction SHADOW PALETTES

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